Start Your Diabetes Free Journey today. Book online today for one of our courses to help with diabetes reversal. All courses have limited seats available. 

Diabetes reversal seminar


Diabetes Free Life is a non-profit organization formed with the sole purpose of promoting awareness on how to reverse diabetes. Even though we are a non-profit organization, we still incur a cost for bringing these seminars to you. The workshops listed below have a fee to cover the cost associated with the program (venue, A/V equipment cost, food provided to participants, etc.). 


We aim to provide easy to follow and practical guidance to as many diabetic patients as possible. To that end, we do offer FREE seminars for people who find the course fee cumbersome. From time to time our patrons do sponsor events which have free entry for participants & members. Please send us an email at support@diabetesfreelife.org to inquire about FREE admission to a seminar. 


In the spirit of reaching as many diabetic patients as possible, we are also going to conduct online seminars. We encourage you to subscribe to our youtube channel for videos ranging from seminars to instructional videos on effective ways to reverse diabetes. Videos will include step by step instructions on yoga asanas, anti-gravity exercises, food preparations, guided meditation & more that will help with diabetes reversal. You can also visit our facebook page or twitter