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Juice Feasting Program on World Diabetes Day, which is November 14th.  




November 14th, 2020

Sat: 08:00am CST


Have you always thought, Diabetes is a life sentence?

Did you think, it could never happen to you?

Do you look at every food plate dreadfully? 

Whether you were recently diagnosed or lived with diabetes for years or even decades, now there is hope. We are here to help. DIABETES FREE LIFE can help you take control of your diabetes.


Diabetes mellitus is a lifestyle disease; it is a condition that prevents your body from properly using the energy from the food you eat. And because we all eat several times a day, all diabetic patients are stressed about taking appropriate insulin shots or diabetes pills. This in itself increases stress levels for some. Some will tell you that diabetes is like a best friend who will be with you till your grave. But research has shown that diabetes is reversible. Dr. Neal D Barnard’s groundbreaking clinical studies show that diabetes can be reversed or dramatically reduce the reliance on medication by helping repair how the body uses insulin. 


This program is based on three pillars; diet, exercise & meditation. In this program, we not only explain the deeper causes of diabetes but go deeper into the root causes. Diabetes reversal is possible if you irradicate diabetic causes from the root. This program is based on research over several decades performed over people of different ethnic backgrounds around the world by various doctors. A similar program like this has already cured thousands of people across the globe. You could be next to reverse your diabetes. 


Dr. Barnard’s program has proved a new dietary approach to preventing, controlling, and even reversing diabetes does work. Dr. Joel Fuhrman has also shown that preventing, improving or even reversing type 2 diabetes is entirely possible. Dr. Gabriel Cousens has used spiritual healing in his holistic medical practice. These researchers, doctors and many others, together have proven over and over again that diet, exercise and meditation can reverse diabetes. Dr. Pramod Tripathi has taken these learnings and helped thousands of diabetic patients in India as well. He has helped 1000+ patients get off of insulin, and 5000+ patients get off of tablets. 


Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. To tackle any disease, you have to attack the root cause of it, and with diabetes being a lifestyle disease it is imperative that we attack it with basic tenants of life - proper diet, appropriate exercise, and mindful meditation. 


Diabetes Free Life is a non-profit organization formed with the sole purpose of promoting awareness on how to reverse diabetes. We aim to provide easy to follow and practical guidance to as many diabetic patients as possible. The three-stage program is based on a series of research by Dr. Barnard, Dr. Fuhrman, Dr. Cousens, and advice from Dr. Tripathi. 


Participants of this program may see significant improvement with their blood sugar management as well as improved general health by losing weight and also lower blood pressure and cholesterol


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